Pauline Anna Strom ‎– Trans-Millenia Music 2xLP
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Pauline Anna Strom ‎– Trans-Millenia Music 2xLP

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Otherworldly and anomalous, hushed and hallucinatory, Pauline Anna Strom’s unique style of inner space music reaches across time to futures and pasts far from our own. Trans-Millenia Music compiles eighty minutes of Strom’s most evocative work, composed and recorded between 1982 and 1988, for the first authorized overview of the enigmatic Bay Area composer.

Pauline Anna Strom introduced her music to the world in 1982 with Trans-Millenia Consort, a collection of transportive synthesizer music providing listeners a vessel to break beyond temporal limits into a world of pulsing, mercurial tonalities and charged, embryonic waveforms. Strom’s solicitation into the unknown continued through a half dozen more stellar releases during the decade, which, despite their singularity and mastery, slipped into the more obscure annals of want lists and bootleg editions.

Exemplary passages highlighted in Trans-Millenia Music were selected from the three full-lengths originally issued on vinyl in addition to a group of four full-lengths self-released on cassette. This substantive body of work challenges the canonization of new age and ambient music as one-size-fits-all categories. Strom’s music induces a dynamic range of listening that captivates and intrigues, a cinematic experience rather than a meditation for passive listening.

An open invitation to earlier worlds and a trans-temporal philosophy for living, Pauline Anna Strom’s Trans-Millenia Musicis available November 10, 2017 on double LP, CD, and digital formats. Vinyl editions feature original artwork by visionary Karma Moffett, printed inner sleeves and booklet with extensive liner notes scribed by Britt Brown.


A1 Freedom At The 45th Floor 4:34
A2 Virgin Ice 4:38
A3 In Flight Suspension 7:49
A4 Bonsai Terrace 3:26
B1 Energies 5:58
B2 Mushroom Trip 8:09
B3 Cruising Altitude 36,000 Feet 6:26
C1 Spatial Spectre 6:54
C2 Warriors of the Sun 7:36
C3 Rain On Ancient Quays 7:32
D1 Morning Splendor 6:02
D2 The Unveiling 5:09
D3 Gossamer Silk 5:39

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