Emily A. Sprague - Water Memory / Mount Vision 2xLP
Emily A. Sprague - Water Memory / Mount Vision 2xLP
Emily A. Sprague - Water Memory / Mount Vision 2xLP
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Emily A. Sprague - Water Memory / Mount Vision 2xLP

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Emily A. Sprague’s Water Memory and Mount Vision albums are presented in new and complete detail. Emily’s work concerns the connectedness of all things, giving living, core form to the mysterious forces that guide earthly activity and human contact with them. Memory and vision, ocean and mountains, question and answer, emotions and infinity. Sunshine, lizard, sea salt.

Through sound and poetry, Emily focuses on fleeting moments of crystalline clarity and meditates on expanded lifetimes of intricate meaning-making. This vision is unfalteringly beautiful, gently profound. But, as Ursula K. Le Guin intuits in her translation of the Tao Te Ching, “In poetry, beauty is no ornament; it is the meaning. It is the truth.”

A collection of reflections are visible in the mirrored structures of Water Memory and Mount Vision, two chapters - two halves - each complemented by a written verse. As much about the presence in youthful experimentation as the permanence of transition and maturation, Water Memory is the first long-form instrumental music Emily ever channeled, generated over a year of self and sonic exploration between Massachusetts and New York.

Emily’s mission on this planet may be facilitating - or illuminating - the correspondence between innermost knowledge and intelligent nature, and Water Memory / Mount Vision are most certainly monumental documents along this sharing path.


A1 Water Memory Poem
A2 A Lake
A3 Water Memory 1
B1 Water Memory 2
B2 Dock
B3 Your Pond
C1 Mount Vision Poem
C2 Synth 1
C3 Piano 1
D1 Synth 2
D2 Huckleberry
D3 Synth 3
D4 Piano 2 (Mount Vision)

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