Voice Actor - Fake Sleep LP
Voice Actor - Fake Sleep LP

Voice Actor - Fake Sleep LP

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Words as mirrors in a framework of clatter shape the arches to VOICE ACTOR’s pavilion. Surrounded by offerings of flowers, a construction is shown. The unusual compact scale conforms to tiny standards for intimate listening. All is half-height, so the visitor has to enter on hands and knees. From the verandah a crumbling, overgrown statue can be glimpsed, pointing at the pond nearby. The water is framed by a soundfence of endless space nobody can leap, a tree branch repetitively dips into it from above. Visitors can be seated on large rocks and have the surprising pleasure of hearing tear-stained but triumphant hearts sing.'

Music by Noa Kurzweil & Levi Lanser
Additional music by
Adam C Passarella (EGO DEATH)
Adriaan De Roover
Elijah Evans (Yarrow. Co)
Diane de Moor (Stilll)
Stef Veldhuis
Mastered by Mathieu Savenay
Selection by Voice Actor & Ziggy Devriendt
Illustration & Graphic design by Luca van Grinsven
Text by Bloeme

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