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Vita Noctis ‎– Against The Rule 2xLP

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Dark Entries and Minimal Maximal have joined forces to re-issue the complete discography of Vita Noctis on a double vinyl LP. Previously these songs were restricted to limited self-released cassettes, compilation appearances and a sole 12" Mini LP. Beware, this is abrasive, primal music made by irritated teenagers full of angst!

Vita Noctis were a trio from Vilvoorde, Belgium in the Flemish Region. Inspired by the post-punk movement twin brothers Kris and Jos Kips convinced Kris' girlfriend Martine Genijn to start a band in 1981.They recorded their earliest songs onto a 2-track tape deck in their bedroom studio using second-hand equipment they could afford: Roland TR-808 drum machine, Casiotone MT-31, Ibanez bass guitar and a Korg MS-20 keyboard. Their first album "In The Face Of…DEATH" was self-released on cassette only in 1984 followed by the "Much Money Good Boy, No Money Good-Bye" cassette in 1985. In February 1986 the band recorded five songs at Studio Care in Gent, Belgium later released as the self-titled 12" Mini-LP on Mad In Belgium Records. Their final recording session was November 1986 returning to the band's bedroom studio, resulting in the song "She Likes Me" which appeared on the "Climax Productions Presents" LP.

"More "arthouse" than "goth", Vita Noctis blend the sneering attitude of punk with the spartan structures of minimal electronics. The band had more in common with the early electronic Sheffield scene of Cabaret Voltaire, Vice Versa or early Human League than their Belgian contemporaries. Urgent vocals go from a whisper to a scream in seconds and sound restless, bored and irritated all at once. Fuzzy guitar, simple baselines and crude electronics take turns accompanying the dynamic vocal stylings. While lyrics tackle weighty topics like death and religion, the landscape they paint is as playfully bratty as it is grim.

All songs have been remastered from the restored 1/4" reel to reel tapes by George Horn at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley California. Each double LP comes in a deluxe gatefold jacket with cover art by original designer Stephan Barbery and never before seen band photos and lyrics for each song. Spanning three years and four recording sessions "Against The Rule" is the soundtrack to Armageddon, very fitting in the contemporary climate of dissatisfaction and social upheaval.

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