Vazz - Submerged Vessels And Other Stories LP + CD

Vazz - Submerged Vessels And Other Stories LP + CD

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Post-punk pop meets ethereal wave Vazz are one of Scotland's best kept secrets. Includes a bonus CD of piano works.

Vazz, consisting of Hugh Small and Anna Howson, was an eighties postpunk/wavy/modern classical/ambient outfit from Glasgow. They released a couple of records in the eighties, causing small ripples on the surface of the vast UK post-punk well when aired a couple of times by John Peel, but disappearing again relatively soon after. Luckily, some 25 years later, Belgium's most underrated label Forced Nostalgia brought them back into the center of attention with a split lp - one of the first times I realised that music that's not considered dance music could be played in a club at peak time & make total sense. In an unofficial way, STRLP-008 aka 'Submerged Vessels and Other Stories' is a follow-up to that first compilation, collecting previously unreleased tracks recorded between 1982 and 2016. Massive praise to Fré De Vos & Hugh Small for this one.


A1 Only Child
A2 Sleep Pattern
A3 Pearls (Dub)
A4 Solitary Sun
A5 Neverlasting
A6 Mezquita

B1 You Haunt Me
B2 Violent Silence
B3 Cascais
B4 Sequence Of Events
B5 Watercolours
B6 A Threat
B7 Peripheral Vision (Macula Lutea Mix)
B8 Mission Statement 

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