Valentina Goncharova – Ocean - Symphony for Electric Violin and other instruments in 10+ parts 2xLP
Hidden Harmony

Valentina Goncharova – Ocean - Symphony for Electric Violin and other instruments in 10+ parts 2xLP

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Valentina Goncharova´s 2xLP fundamental conceptual musical work released in full uncut form as part of Hidden Harmony Lost Tapes series. Restored and mastered from the original 6.3 mm analog tapes.

A large-scale work comprising eleven parts of varied, brooding, mystical reflection in which the author alters the instrumentation to fit both programmatic and musical character of each section.

Including a 12-page booklet detailly describing album conceptual basis, background and context , and providing insights into unique sound recording/technical solutions adapted during album recording in 1988, written with direct involvement of V. Goncharova and I. Zubkov.

My task is to allow the listener to penetrate deeper into the music.

The music is wholly improvisational. It has no concept in the rational sense of the word. It’s concept is purely intuitive. It presumes The Law of Analogies: “As above so below. Man is the same as the Universe. The Universe is the same as Man.” ("Emerald Tablet” by Hermes Trismegistus"). This intuition is a kind of rephrased logic which uses many more symbols which contain not only philosophical but also imaginative meanings/ visionary interpretations.

This music is a stream of consciousness in its purest form: not an imitation of a stream, as in the ‘suggestive poetry’ of the 20th century, but a stream where one flow is superimposed on another (a multilateral passage of recording). And, if we think this flow of music will be better understood under the influence of a verbal flow, then the verbal flow should also be more intuitive and associative, as objective for this short write-up you are currently reading.

Ocean did not appear within the coordinate system of logical scientific thinking of the last four centuries. It can be said that it is based on an intuitive concept of representations of the world which are captured in music figuratively. Similar to how myths were created in time immemorial with only partial support from verbal associations. Ocean is an experience of passing the Human Soul and Mind through the different states of the material world: birth, development, and achievement of perfection, transformation at the points of The Way and Silence, the manifestation of the harmony of the world (Om), which until then had remained in a latent state. It is averse to both mainstream contemporary physics and fridge scientific research. It exists outside their explanatory power.

A1. Valentina Goncharova — Ocean (9:42)
A2. Valentina Goncharova — Molecules (3:11)
A3. Valentina Goncharova — Dance Of Shiva (9:21)
B1. Valentina Goncharova — Winds And Stream (6:10)
B2. Valentina Goncharova — Golden Ball (Yang) (3:06)
B3. Valentina Goncharova — Sirens (Yin) (5:43)
C1. Valentina Goncharova — Kundalini (4:29)
C2. Valentina Goncharova — The Way (11:41)
C3. Valentina Goncharova — Silence (3:35)
C4. Valentina Goncharova — Om (8:30)
D1. Valentina Goncharova — Return To the Ocean (2021) (23:25)

Written, performed and produced by Valentina Goncharova

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