Teip Trio - Teip Trio LP
Teip Trio - Teip Trio LP
Teip Trio - Teip Trio LP
Teip Trio - Teip Trio LP
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Teip Trio - Teip Trio LP

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Spiking out of the vibrant improv-scene in Trondheim is the young and experimental Teip Trio with their eponymous debut album. In spite of their young age they have been around as a trio for years and years, which is clearly audible on this ambitious collection of takes. The unconventional lineup of two guitars and a clarinet contributes to tension and distinctiveness in their consolidated sound, exploring different musical rooms in and between dissonance and harmony, always attentive and rich in timbre. The heavily processed electric guitars wrap the acoustic clarinet as a musical equivalent to the parable of David and Goliath. Luckily, no one dies in the Teip Trio stories, but rather the two extremes give life to one another.

"[...] their interactions are buffered with expanses of empty space - no matter how frantically the woodwind belches or the strings grind, balance is maintained. Teip Trio are not the first group to import heavy rock elements into free music, but no one else has found a way to lose the weight without losing the edge."
- Bill Meyer, The Wire

"The three players move together with a measured and unhurried gracefulness, so that even as they conjure the sounds of a building imploding around them, they do so in slow motion. [...] That Bredesen, Leirtrø, and Roberts are able to express a sense of beauty from within tension and discord is a testament to both their individual and collective skill as improvisers. They apply splashes of light to vast swathes of inky darkness as keenly as they cast patches of shade across luminous landscapes. The combination of these modes is the recipe for a riveting record."
- Bryon Hayes, Dusted Magazine

"[...] the three young musicians sound like their own, inquisitive and uncompromising, with a coherent sonic vision and unique dynamics that stress elusive melodic veins through nuanced tension and conflict."
- Eyal Hareuveni, salt peanuts*


Jens-Jonas Francis Roberts, clarinet
Arne Bredesen, guitar
Nicolas Leirtrø, baritone guitar

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