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Tarzana - Alien Wildlife Estate LP

Pacific City Sound Visions

Tarzana - Alien Wildlife Estate LP


Tarzana = Jan Anderzen + Spencer Clark

Jan Anderzen visited Pacific City Sound Studios a year and a half ago. We worked on this music, which is in the traditional of "ALIEN WILDLFIE PARKS LOCATED UNDERNEATH THE LOS ANGELS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT". There is a space station vibe, with then an ethnic alien boombox vibe. We got together and decided to make ijsut choice sounds squaring off, so don't expect our layers to flood the system, this iis like Feng-Shui at the ZOO.

The meeting of YOUR FAVORITE ALIENS Spencer Clark (ov The Skaters, amongst others) and Jan Anderzén (ov Kemialliset Ystävät, amongst others) has brought forth Alien Wildlife Estate, a Soundvision that (roughly) approximates that bastion of global hubs: the International Airport. There’s a forced universality about the airport experience, the shared experience of architecture and commerce binding disparate cultures and creeds together. Sure, an ever-present tension lingers over the security checks and endless shopfronts, but isn’t that to be expected in this transitionary state? Uncertainty defines the airport, like a corporate limbo for all travelers and jet-setters, a microcosm of in-betweens and halfways.

In this light, the duo’s recorded efforts similarly exist in a space of multitudinous elements, simultaneously mingling in an alien waiting lounge. And it’s departing from Tarzana via Pacific City, straight into thee feverish busts of underground fiends worldwide. 

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