Tarotplane - 358 Oblique LP
Lullabies For Insomniacs

Tarotplane - 358 Oblique LP

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Baltimore’s PJ Dorsey has traversed a lifelong journey delving into psychoactive music which can alter one’s cognitive and conscious state. He harnesses his experiences to create music as Tarotplane. Using guitar, effects and processing he produces time suspending soundscapes - immersive music for merging the mind and body. 

358 Oblique is the follow up to First which was released on Aguirre Records in 2015. Find yourself adrift in the lapping waters of a slow unraveling sea of sound, a spectral vortex of shimmering tones and discrete samples guide the listener into an aural abyss, while plangent six-string melodies offer glimpses into a sanctifying sensory space. The two explorations provide an evocative journey through a psychedelic continuum and beyond


A. A Tab In The Ozone 17:11

B. A Polaroid Sunset 16:29


Recorded between 2014 to 2017. Assembled at Grey Ark Studios/Wrightway Studios, Baltimore 
Cover Image : Gerhard Richter. Untitled (3.12.1999 Firenze) used with permission

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