Star Searchers - Avatar Blue 2xCD
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Star Searchers - Avatar Blue 2xCD

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Over 2 hours, this 2CD is comprised of 30 tracks of Pro-Earth Ocean free-electric trance logos. The music expresses  Spencer Clark's desire to mimic the swimming motions of aquatic life, and to project the plentiful life of Earth's ocean into the parallel exotic futuristic world that is "AVATAR BLUE"...

Spencer Clark, of Star Searchers, is a former member of the The Skaters and has released music with recording artists Lieven Martens Moana, Francesco Cavaliere, James Ferraro, and Jan Anderzen. Star Searchers "Avatar Blue" is Spencer Clark's new project in the year 2019.

An aural documentation of the swimming motions of aquatic ocean life as played in the manner of special fx free logo. A vision you always wanted but never dared to ask for... 2 years in the making, 2 hours of material, 30 tracks, 2 discs..The stats are endless, the music is hypnotic, you are welcome... Just like apple pie, vinyl is dusted! 2cd jewel box. 32 page colour booklet of visuals and written reports.

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