Sourdure - Mantras 3xLP
Sourdure - Mantras 3xLP
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Sourdure - Mantras 3xLP

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Edition of 500 copies, Silkscreened triple-slot pasted covers with stamped labels. 

In June 2016, the great-outdoors music festival Echos asked Ernest Bergez aka Sourdure to produce a series of "mantras" set to be diffused in between each concert of the twenty-four hours event taking place in the french Alpes. These pieces were played on the festival's gigantic speakers/ horns system in the afternoon, evening, night, morning, noon... and reverberated fully in the rocky valley. This triple vinyl edition gathers the field-recording-like captures of the tracks delivered once again through the system later that year by Ernest Bergez with the help of Frédéric Bernier, Joachim Brissaud and Julien Dessailly.

All instruments by Ernest Bergez except the Gaida, the Uillean Pipe and the Low Whistle by Julien Dessailly. This edition contains three complementary pieces composed from the original recordings (June 2016 and November 2016) and recorded in Royat in May 2017. A highly esoteric and cosmic soundscape journey, to be played at maximum volume! Ernest Bergez deeply thanks Association Dôme and Association Les Villages des Jeunes.

Recorded in November 2016 in Faï and mixed in 2017 in Royat by Ernest Bergez. Re-mastered by Ernest Bergez in Thiers, 2019. Cutting by SST.
Artwork by Sauvage and Druid-High, printed by Antoine Lambin at Société Ecran.

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