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Sacred Tapestry - Shader Complete A/B Replacement LP


Sacred Tapestry - Shader Complete A/B Replacement LP


Due to an unfortunate error the track "Transmigration" was not included on the vinyl version of the album "Shader Complete". Making up for this error we repressed the complete A/B LP and offer everyone who has purchased the album a replacement copy.

To cover the manufacturing & shipping costs we kindly like to ask you to choose the option POSTER + LP. The Sacred Tapestry poster, designed by Vektroid is exclusively available to people who request a replacement copy. This will allow us to cover our costs partially. The replacement LP is free and we offer free shipping as well. It's possible to add other items to your order.

The Limited Edition poster is A2 size and is printed on high glossy quality paper. Many thanks for your understanding. More Vektroid vinyl will follow in the future.