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Pablo Moses - Revolutionary Dream LP

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Classic seventies roots reggae album reissued by France's Onlyroots crew in its original JA sleeve, with Pablo Moses channeling an iconic dread Che Guevara look in spectacular spectacles, a different shot to the more common, but equally classic UK Klik issue.  Even though it is built around a quartet of classic singles; Give I Fe I Name, We Should Be In Angola, Blood Money and I Man A Grasshopper, the album is all of a piece, a true classic alongside the likes of Bunny Wailer's Blackheart Man, Burning Spear's Marcus Garvey and the Mighty Diamonds' Right Time.  With Geoffrey Chung producing at Joe Gibbs and the Black Ark, and with musicians including Chung, Junior Dan, Clive Hunt, Tommy McCook, Vin Gordon, Horsemouth and Mikey Boo, Robbie Lyn and Bongo Herman involved, this is an essential album and a must for any self-respecting reggae collection.

Side A:
1. I Love I Bring
2. Be Not A Dread
3. Give I Fe I Name 
4. We Should Be In Angola 
5. Come Make We Run 

Side B: 
1. Revolutionary Dream 
2. Where I Am 
3. I Man A Grasshopper 
4. Corrupted Man 
5. Blood Money
6. Innocent Man 

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