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Pablo Moses - A Song LP

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Onlyroots continue their Pablo Moses re-issue project with this album, the 1980 follow up to the classic Revolutionary Dream they put out a few months ago and the brace of 45's that preceded that.  Produced, arranged and engineered by Geoffrey Chung at Dynamics in Jamaica and Island's Basing Street studio in London and featuring a star studded cast of musicians, two of the tracks Dubbing Is A Must and Revolutionary Step were issued back to back on an Island 12" back in the day, and One People emerged on a Jamaican issued 7".  Pure quality roots reggae.

Side One:
1. A Song 
2. Dubbing Is A Must
3. Revolutionary Step 
4. Music Is My Desire 

Side Two:
1. Each Is A Servant 
2. One People 
3. Let's Face It 
4. Protect I / A Song (Reprise) 

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