Novy Svet - Desde Infiernos De Flores LP

Novy Svet - Desde Infiernos De Flores LP

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Some secrets remain untold forever. Luckily, the enigma around Novy Svet's near-mythical "Desde Infierno De Flores" sessions is no longer one of them. Unleashed in only fragmentary and yet incomplete bits on two short mini-cds on their in-house label nekofutschata in 2004 and 2005, this "Hell made of flowers" was the place where the Austrian cult-duo scattered their legacy onto a whole new level of wtf? Sound alchemy, taking musical liberties like never before. Much to the astonishment of some of their loyal combat-folk followers, weber and tost abandoned their trademark post-industrial loop techniques here in favour of a much more intricate and abstract collage of dream logic snippets, riddled with a million brilliant ideas per minute, touching on trip-hop, dub, avant-jazz, you name it!

No matter how opaque and moody these sessions seem, these were Novy Svet's halcyon days: all bathed in the sunlight of a Catalan afternoon, insects buzzing in the heat, beat monkeys meditating along, and in the thick of it Jürgen Weber reflecting on love and death in his distinctive voice with somnambulistic ease. And now it's all here, finally, at last, rescued from the fangs of oblivion. It is a wet dream some die-hard fans might have fantasised about for decades. And for those new to the party: you are in for a bit special moment in Novy Svet's discography, at the very apex of their iridescent luminosity. "Desde Infiernos De Flores" - a glittering, coruscating pile of shards where published bits join unpublished ones and everything becomes familiar in the unfamiliar.

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