Mummy Dust Trippers - Perfect Prey LP
Psychic Sounds

Mummy Dust Trippers - Perfect Prey LP

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Please welcome the fully doused duet of alchemized instrument creator, Idaho Joe Winslow and Corum, the melted maestro of absorbent atmospherics, presenting six new critical-paranoiac methods from the freshly squeezed cacti-crypt that is the Mummy Dust Trippers' domain. Inhale with extreme caution....

"While stumbling through the Shiek's Bazaar of the Bizarre, I came across Idaho Joe serenading a flea circus under a rug. Corum hovered nearby conducting with tea tree oil toothpicks. Fortunately, the tape was running. The smoke is thick but you can make out some shapes in the haze. Joe seems to be floating through the same wing of the ethno forgery museum that Alvarius B called home. There are some seasonings that taste a little like Tower Recordings with mashed potatoes. This all comes housed in one of the finer Corum covers in the Psychic Sounds network. Do the right thing and pick this up." - Scott Simmons, Exiled Records

- Gorgeous five color screenprint cover
- Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk

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