Mosquitoes - Emergences/Resurgences 7"
I Dischi Del Barone

Mosquitoes - Emergences/Resurgences 7"

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For their 5th release, Mosquitoes return to the 7" format, forging ahead on a 1000% track record of laying down matchless, inner-nog whackery. And as they continue to move further away from formal constructs, so too do past comparisons-Pere Ubu, This Heat, Mars-become null & void. Seemingly eschewing language for cerebral motion on both tracks, Mosquitoes embark into an ocular tableau where perhaps Mnemonist Orchestra & Biota have been the only truly versed elocutionists to effectively homestead. I'm not saying there goes the neighborhood, but gentrification is everywhere. Welcome.


200 copies pressed
Stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover, insert.

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