Loopsel - The Spiral LP
Förlag För Fri Musik

Loopsel - The Spiral LP

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Elin Engström from Monokultur and Skiftande Enheter goes solo as Loopsel. Recorded for a video installation in Copenhagen April 2019, The Spiral was originally released as a cassette on Amatör Kassetter in an edition of 50 copies later that year.

The Förlag För Fri Musik edition is a longer version, expanded to a full album. Like haunting, distant radio transmissions tuning in and out, both sides are made up of several different suites, fragmentary from-the-back-of-a-room ambience with guitar, organ, field recordings and occasional vocals. The grey and murky nature of the recording combined with the immense beauty lurking under the surface sort of brings the spirit of Lovely Midget lathe cuts or CDr-era Grouper to mind, everything amped up with just the right amount of Gothenburgian experimentation.

200 copies, screenprinted covers.


A1 Past Spiral
A2 Come Closer
A3 Bones
A4 Present Spiral
A5 Tears Run Out
A6 Soft Fabrics
B1 Future Spiral
B2 Organ Going
B3 Backwards Vision
B4 Glitch
B5 Endings

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