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LEAD marks the first release from the artist duo of Amy Howden-Chapman and Steve Kado. LEAD recorded this Lp in an office building overlooking MacArthur Park Lake in Los Angeles, California. The intimate sounds on this disc feel as though you are tucked away in a corner of their studio witnessing these quiet moments in secret. The sophisticated and minimal sounds come together here in an extremely paired down setup and complex execution. With each repeated listen these two intricate and understated sides keep unraveling their nuance and beauty.

Available in a pressing of 250 copies

RIYL: Jon Hassell, Robert Wyatt, Yekko, Young Marble Giants,*zoviet*france*, David Kilgour, Pauline Oliveros, Shadow Ring, and Patty Waters.

About the artists: Amy Howden-Chapman is a New Zealand born, New York based artist and writer. Steve Kado is an artist and writer born in North York, ON. Kado & Howden-Chapman have previously collaborated on performances, publications and exhibitions.

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