Kagami - Kagami LP
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Kagami - Kagami LP

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Kagami is the duo of Jared Blum (Vision Heat, Gigante Sound) and Maxwell August Croy (En, Root Strata, Empire of Signs). Their eponymous debut, recorded between 2014 and 2017, finds the pair navigating a bracingly wide range of niches with aplomb and precision. Evoking summertime ambience, widescreen electronics, anthemic pop instrumentals and windswept romantic gestures, Kagami is a charming and dramatic record that at times recalls the soundtrack to some lost title from Nintendo’s golden age or perhaps a spiritual successor to the miniatures of Yasuaki Shimizu’s Music for Commercials.

Featuring Jonathan Sielaff of Golden Retriever on bass clarinet and Adam Hill on double bass. Original cover art by Brenna Murphy, layout by Konrad Jandavs.

Edition of 300 copies.


A1 Doga
A2 Magi
A3 Onda
A4 Tori
A5 Oken
A6 Mada
A7 Fuxa
A8 Ripu
B1 Mado
B2 Kema
B3 Vago
B4 Saka
B5 Buri
B6 Enen
B7 Sara
B8 Jona

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