J. Jasmine ‎– My New Music LP
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J. Jasmine ‎– My New Music LP

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Privately pressed to LP in 1978 under the name J. Jasmine and made especially for the Ann Arbor Film Festival, with artistic collaboration from the festival’s founder and Once Group artist, George Manupelli, My New Music is the debut album by Jacqueline Humbert and David Rosenboom. Featuring a cast of Mills College personalities like David Behrman and Sam Ashley on backup vocal duties, this song cycle is at every turn boundary-pushing and gender-busting, yet still hilarious, sweet, and genuine, all delivered in a post-genre, art-song, cabaret musical style that happens to boast some serious avant-garde chops, courtesy of Rosenboom.

If it weren’t so spot on, you’d swear it was a guilty pleasure. As J. Jasmine writes, My New Music is a collection of personal stories and private desires, exposed, articulated, performed and dedicated to the hope that one person's fantasies can contribute to another person's freedom. Get lost in J. Jasmine’s world for a little long while, and be free.


A1 Androgyny 2:05
A2 Broke And Blue 2:42
A3 Wild About The Lady 4:32
A4 Rented Car, Painted Woman, Borrowed Time 5:03
A5 Strong Arms 2:40
B1 How Much Better If Plymouth Rock Had Landed On The Pilgrims 4:43
B2 Grand Canyon Heartache 1:38
B3 Clear Light 5:07
B4 Environmental Collage 2:25
B5 Younger Lady 3:20

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