Isach Skeidsvoll - Dance To Summon LP
Isach Skeidsvoll - Dance To Summon LP

Isach Skeidsvoll - Dance To Summon LP

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“Awe-inspiring debut of a prodigious young pianist, whose virtuosity on the keys has earned him recognition in Norway and beyond. “

This young pianist’s stunning debut has captivated audiences both in Norway and beyond with his virtuosic talent on the keys. Accompanied by his skilled brothers in the horn section, this seven-piece ensemble offers a dynamic musical experience featuring the pianist’s own compositions. With a blend of Spiritual Jazz and free-form elements complemented by a tonal and groovy foundation.

Lineup includes Isach Skeidsvoll (piano, percussion, voice, composition), Espen «Bobby» Songstad (tenor saxophone, percussion), Lauritz Skeidsvoll (soprano saxophone, percussion), Peder Skeidsvoll (pocket trumpet, percussion), Aksel Øvreås Røed (baritone saxophone, percussion, voice), Anders Hjemmen (double bass, percussion) and Martin H. Mellem (drums, percussion, tin whistle)

Only 500 limited edition LPs are available, each pressed on 180g vinyl and individually numbered on a custom silkscreen sleeve.

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