Iona Fortune - Tao Of I LP
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Iona Fortune - Tao Of I LP

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Iona Fortune is a composer and producer from Glasgow and presents the “Tao of I” album as her debut release. 

Inspired by Eastern Philosophy and slated to be the first in an 8 album series exploring all the symbols of the I Ching, her music is influenced by oriental sounds and features a palette of instruments that includes the Guzheng, Gamelan and Synthi AKS. 

The overall effect is a singular and beguiling sound that loosely fits in with the Fourth World concept imagined by Jon Hassell, and indeed Iona Fortune has also contributed a track to Optimo Music’s new Fourth World compilation “Miracle Steps”. 


A1. Qian 
A2. Kun 
A3. Zhun 
A4. Meng 
B1. Xu 
B2. Song 
B3. Shi 
B4. Bi 

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