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Innercity - Future Life LP

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Innercity, aka Belgian synthscaper Hans Dens, has been crushing skulls over the last year. Allow him to sneak into your brain with his first vinyl release “Future Life”. After several releases on his own "Why So Serious" imprint & appearances on other labels: Taped Sounds, Ikuisuus, Rotifer, Ruralfaune & Upstairs, he shows what he is capable of on wax. His sound is like a twisted, more fractured take on groups like Emeralds and Oneohtrix Point Never,  Strangely gnarled synthesized dronemusic, lush layered loops, stretched out into gorgeous hazy warped landscapes of sound. Somehow Dens has managed to craft a sound that bucks all the conventions of the current kraut-drone-synth craze, while creating a unique sound that somehow still manages to fit into the very same movement. Edition of 300.

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