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Golden Teacher - G.D.D.B. LP

House Rules

Golden Teacher - G.D.D.B. LP


Golden Teacher was born in early 2012, when members Ollie, Laurie, Rich, Sam, Cassie, and Charlie gathered at Glasgow’s legendary Green Door Studios and packed seven cassettes with raw, rhythmic improvisations. These instrumental sessions, dubbed Green Door Disco Band(or G.D.D.B.), were a covert prologue to the band’s infectious and hallucinatory dance music. Originally issued via cassette on Golden Teacher’s own Akashic Records, this vinyl edition compiles G.D.D.B.’s most commanding moments for an explosive re-introduction to the band’s emergent boogie.

Golden Teacher’s method was simple: Pack the studio with instruments, position a tape recorder on the floor, and rip.Whenever the vibe was right someone would hit record. The members swapped instruments at random, mutating across primal electro-disco and swirling, psychedelic house. Jerry-rigged rhythms breach the delectable fry of tape hiss. Melodies dissolve into throbbing ambience as percussion lurches in and out of focus. The band achieves a contagious blend of hazy atmospherics and crystalline frequencies that suffuses each groove with club-level delirium.

G.D.D.B. captures Golden Teacher’s kinetic genesis, transposing the dynamics of their freest and most elastic live performances onto plastic. 

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