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Gnod - The Somnambulist's Tale LP

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An early and one of the most special Gnod recordings is out now on Aguirre. The Somnambulist's Tale consists of two sidelong adventurous pieces which are carried by an incredible loop. The haunting ambience in combination with electronics, distant guitar layers,  conversations between the band members, a typewriter, and other sounds from found objects makes this quite an atypical Gnod release, but definitely a great one. Influenced by early Krautrock bands like Can, Hawkwind and Ash Ra Temple, Gnod brings us back to those days, add twisted sounds and strange lyrics to the whole and deliver a truly mesmerizing psychedelic drone record.

Gnod is a British krautrock band from Salford, England. Formed in 2006, the band is a collective from Manchester with an ever-rotating list of members. They run experimental electronic live nights in Salford called Gesamtkunstwerk (German for "whole arts work") where they offer "outsider electronics, hardwarped machine rhythms and analogue debauchery all reflecting the postindustrial mill space". They have a punky belief in the dissolution of the boundary between artist and audience to the extent that it is not unlikely to find gig-goers onstage, adding to the instrumental melee.

° Artwork by Fliss Horrocks
° Matt finishing
° Edition of 500 copies

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