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Francisco ‎– Sous Le Ciel Des Antilles LP

Les Mains Noires

Francisco ‎– Sous Le Ciel Des Antilles LP


Francisco’s second Hit Parade album, a Biguine Jazz holy grail now available again in a great thick deluxe “Paste-On” hard cardboard edition.

Prolific artist, singer, dancer, pianist, composer, tambouyé (traditional percussionist), judoka, actor, choreographer, entertainer, these few activities can not be exhaustive as to the life of this Martinique's legend. Adored by his contemporaries, Frantz Charles Denis - better known as Francisco, Apito or Babalu - has shaken the Creole musical landscape by introducing traditional bèlè drums into the balls of the local bourgeoisie but also and mostly in his own compositions and recordings.

The pieces he recorded are few and very hard to find. He often repeats the same songs from one record to another, but each time they are renewed as they mark a deepening of his personal musical research. This LP is his second Hit Parade album, a biguine jazz masterpiece with a latin twist recorded in the late 60s.

Edition of 500


A1 Caroline
A2 Paola
A3 Biguine-lélé
A4 Berna-jambolo
A5 Bossu A Bossu Corps
B1 Lè Ou Ni L’agent Épi Belles Femmes
B2 Sergio, Peine Arrivé
B3 Ba Moin L’agent Moin Mango
B4 Cé Ou Minme Doudou
B5 Capullito De Alleli

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