France - Ott 2xLP
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France - Ott 2xLP

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Limited to 300 vinyl version live at Ottfest 2014. France set out for a wild mesmerizing revelry of sound. The result is one of their best recordings to date. Imagine Tony Conrad & Faust reincarnated as a french trio in 2014, using only a minimal drum kit, bass and hurdy-gurdy to drone you into another dimension. The music of France is built around the idea that a circular rhythm section combined with the trance-inducing riffs of the hurdy-gurdy can generate an endless series of (micro)tonals variations, bringing the sound to always new unpredictable directions, also according to the site where the music is performed. So good... 

Hurdy Gurdy: Yann Gourdon 
Drums: Mathieu Tilly 
Bass: Jeremie Sauvage


A. OTT (Part 1)
B. OTT (Part 2)
C. OTT (Part 3)

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