Eblen Macari ‎– Música Para Planetarios LP
Eblen Macari ‎– Música Para Planetarios LP
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Eblen Macari ‎– Música Para Planetarios LP

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Eblen Macari-Garniel, is a Mexican composer and musician who for 40 years, has developed his unique style of creating music; fusing Middle Eastern rhythms, environmental textures and contemporary modal harmony with 8 and 6-string guitar and electronic processes. He has composed original music for documentaries, feature films, television series, planetariums and museums.

He is also the Director of his own group Eblen Macari Ensemble, which has represented Mexico in important international festivals. Combining contemporary guitar, jarana jarocha, harpsichord and percussions from the Middle East and Veracruz, this trio re-discovers the Arab and Baroque roots of Mexican music. Live, the creative freedom of improvisation converges with the exploration of avant-garde musical languages and the influence of thousand-year-old sound traditions, creating unique and original sounds.

His discography consists of more than 15 albums including From Beirut to Cosamaloapan, Cartas de Navegación, Música Para Planetarios, Trayectos, Glaciares / Cuatro Canciones, Altiplano, La noche en Comitán,  and Orión Azul. Macari also gives talks and lectures about his music and the influence of the Middle Eastern influence and Lebanese contributions to the Ibero-American world of music.


A1 Planetarios
A2 Tres Gringos Perdidos En La Selva
A3 Viaje En Topolino Por Los Caminos Del Sur
A4 El Pirata Del Grijalva
A5 Los Sueños Del Pirata
A6 Supernova En Macuspana
B1 La Constelacion Del Pejelagarto (Bambuco)
B2 El Grito De La Lluvia
B3 Lux Aeterna

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