Continuity - Continuity LP

Continuity - Continuity LP

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Eponymous first album by ‘Continuity’, the new project of Swedish artist Martin Herterich, whose sonic explorations of memory and imagination have come to full bloom in this atmospheric and elusive narrative of seven intense cityscapes. Martin Herterich previously released music (as Sand Circles, etc) on labels like Posh Isolation, Not Not Fun Records, iDEAL and Irrlicht.

“Have you ever felt like all you want is to go back? Continuity is a sonic narrative, a story arc set in a fictional East Asian metropolis. It is not a city you have been to. 
When you have fallen in love with a place, you long to go back; but it’s a memory; fiction if you like. You want to catch the fleeting moment of leaves rustling in the wind, the sun reflecting from the glass panels of the roof above. 

These memory cycles create emotional patterns. But unlike reality, these spaces are limited. They carry elements of reality in them, narrative components that evoke feelings and signify meaning. Traveling there becomes impossible. Through streetview surfing and 4K walking videos on Youtube, these spaces that are very much real become fictionalized, much like the virtual spaces of video games. Movement is narration.

Fiction is something that is, but at the same time isn’t, real. In order to understand an imaginary place, one needs to travel there.”
— Martin Herterich, 2023

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