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Caboladies - Live Anywere LP

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On the 15th of Januari 2010 performers Chris – Flower Man – Bush & Eric Lanham recorded this LP live on air. The A Side is the take off side. Electronic chaos & control at the same time. While the B Side offers up some more distorted alienating sounds. Hearing is believing. Comes With Insert. Released in an edition of 330 Lps.

These two chaps Chris Bush and Eric Lanham recorded this album live on air. Man this is nuts. It’s a load of crazed electronics and weird noises seemingly randomly appearing here and there. It’s almost builds up into a mental techno tune with a throbbing bass heavy thudding but it’s smothered in loads of crazy noises and weird squiggles. As soon as you realise the beat is there, it’s gone and replaced by some bloops and other random noises. It’s weirdly compelling and something you’d need to hear as it’s not really like anything I’ve heard before and I’m finding it difficult to get across. There’s elements of drone in there and the music is all layered up nicely with the busyness of the proceedings. It’s far from a drone album as it’s one of the busiest and strangely exciting records I’ve heard in ages. A revelation! (Norman Records)

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