Bombay Lunatic Asylum - Mad Song LP
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Bombay Lunatic Asylum - Mad Song LP

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a sonic journey to the roots of drone music, performed by Bombay Lunatic Asylum. The musicians behind this name are no others than Louise Landes Levi and Bart De Paepe. On Mad Song, they are joined by Koen Vandenhoudt, who also recorded the album. De Paepe’s harmonium and Vandenhoudt’s shruti box form the perfect backdrop for Levi’s melancholic, haunting sarangi melodies, slowly evolving and meandering over the album’s thirtyfive minutes. On Mad Song’s last track, Levi replaces the sarangi with her no less impressive voice and finishes the album with a beautiful rendition of Blake’s poem of the same title.

Louise Landes Levi – sarangi, voice
Koen Vandenhoudt – sarangi, shruti box
Bart De Paepe – harmonium
Artwork by Lauren O’Connor

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