Arv & Miljö -  Svensk sommar i stilla frid LP

Arv & Miljö - Svensk sommar i stilla frid LP

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The 7 compositions on Svensk Sommar I Stilla Frid further explores the home-brewed, on-thin-ice ambient hinted at on a few recent Arv & Miljö recordings. Mainly inspired by Anna Själv Tredje and perhaps the lesser sides of Ralph Lundsten and such, this is the Gothenburgian outsider synth album no one certainly ever asked for. While at this time around being somewhat fully rooted in a proposed tradition of Swedish new age electronics, an ongoing heavy obsession with New Zealand lathe cuts and whatnot is more evident than ever throughout the stumbling kosmische musik.

Though the attitude and approach towards the general fidelity and production might be forever lost in the barely functioning 4-track/everything-fucking-goes swamp, this is at the same time arguably the most fully realized and cohesive album yet from the very much ungovernable Arv & Miljö. An ode to past, present and future Swedish summers, the shimmering harmonies paint pictures of sleepless nights walking through foggy July fields as the sun sets. Cold summer days spent outdoors and warm days not spent at all. Blast with your windows open. Featuring guest appearances from Korea Undok Group, Charlott Malmenholt and Stefan Christensen. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi. Pressed in 300 copies.


A1 Stabbed in the brain 3:54
A2 Mark, sjö och luft 5:01
A3 Alla träd har samma rot 5:44
A4 Växtlighet i asfalt (punkens heliga skrift) 1:09
B1 Kvar bland jordens grus 5:18
B2 Hjärteregn, rinn oförmärkt 5:18
B3 Stormat ut i vidöppen värld 4:44

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