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Alice Coltrane - Divine Songs CD

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'Divine Songs' is a collection of transcendental hymns and bhajans, as they are called in India. 

Those sacred bhajans are chanted with the devotional power of a truly Self-realized, and God-Realized soul, in praise of the one Supreme God who is known by many Names and many forms throughout the world and throughout history.

Alice Coltrane-Turiyasangitananda humbly offers these divinely inspired songs, sung in Sanskrit but with the melodic, instrumental embellishments of soulful avant-garde and European harmonies, creating a unique and master-crafted synthesis of pure devotion and musical genius, blending East and West by way of advanced modern technology, of ancient eternal wisdom, and of blessed transcendence and illumination that occur when the individual realizes the Infinite.

Many saints and sages have written on the Universality of God. Divine Songs is a musical testament, heralding the truth that God is indeed Universal, that God does not belong to just one religion, that the paths are many yet the destination is one, and that God does hear and answer the call of the sincere heart.

"Chanting is a devotional engagement, one that allows the chanter to soar to higher realms of spiritual consciousness. Chanting is a healing force for good in our world, and also in the astral worlds. Chanting can bring the person closer to God because that person is calling on the Lord. When one calls to even a friend, a mother, or any other relative in a kindly way, he gets the response also in a reciprocal way."
Alice Coltrane -Turiyasangitananda

Vocals, organ and synthesizer- A.C. Turiyasangitananda
Vocal accompaniment and percussion by Students of The Vedantic Center

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