A Bad Diana - The Lights Are On But No-One's Home LP
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A Bad Diana - The Lights Are On But No-One's Home LP

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A Bad Diana is a project from Diana Rogerson, someone I first became aware of aged 12 when I read about Nurse With Wound and their United Dairies label in Smash Hits magazine. I was confused, mystified and intrigued in equal measure, and a couple of years later as a result I bought my first Nurse With Wound album. This led to an interest in all things NWW related. I guess Diana could be described as the matriarch of the Nurse With Wound world but she also had her own very distinguished pre-history with Fistfuck, an early-80s extreme noise outfit.

She then made two mid 80s cult classic albums as Chrystal Belle Scrodd, both far out there rollercoaster rides of audio wildness, highly recommended to anyone with wide open ears. She then moved to rural Ireland and raised a family. There was the odd collaboration and then in 2007 A Bad Diana's "The Lights Are On But No-One's Home" was released on CD. I feel this is her meisterwerk and it has become something of a cult favourite over the years. Now for the first time, almost two decades later it is available on vinyl on Optimo Music Archiv.

Produced in association with Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter from Nurse With Wound and irr. app. (ext.)'s Matt Waldron this is some seriously beautiful and strange listening. Next level sound design means this is an incredible headphone record but it is also a deeply warm and engaging home listening gem. Beautiful, magical, ultra hypno, soulful reverberations with the deep emotion of Diana's voice tones and bio-vibrations.

Produced by Diana Rogerson & Steven Stapleton
Performed by / Music by Diana Rogerson, Matt Waldron, Steven Stapleton
Lyrics By Diana Rogerson except A3, lyrics by Ash Ra Tempel

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