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Jéricho - Jéricho 2xLP - AguirreRecords

La Nòvia

Jéricho - Jéricho 2xLP


The first album by eponymous super quartet Jericho is an aesthetic manifesto: two LPs, four sides, four monstrous grumbling pieces played on hurdy-gurdy, cabrette, chabrette, tambourine and banjo. Fed with the most heartrending traditional songs of profound musical repertoires and occitan devotion.

It is worth noting that in Jericho we find the pillars Jacques Puech, Yann Gourdon (France, Flux, Toad, La Baracande), Clément Gauthier (Tornamai, Polifonic Sistem) and Antoigne Cognet,

Clément Gauthier / chant, chabrette, tambourin à cordes 
Jacques Puech / chant, cabrette
Antoine Cognet / banjo
Yann Gourdon / vielle à roue, boîte à bourdons, pieds

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