Orphan Fairytale - My Favorite Fairytale 2xLP

Orphan Fairytale - My Favorite Fairytale 2xLP

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Welcome to the wondrous world of Eva Van Deuren's one-girl project Orphan Fairytale. Eva creates a fairylike, mystic and hypnotising sound world by using only self-made electronics, toy instruments, cassette loops and small keyboards. Her music is very playful, dreamlike patterns are enriched by carefully placed notes and tones.

After almost 10 years of performing and recording, time has come for a round-up and Aguirre is happy to present a wonderful set of four sidelong pieces. The 2xLP set consists of delicate twinkling tunes recorded during the period of 2008 - 2011 wherein Eva shows an admirable creativity, coalescing minimalism, new age, psychedelic and repetitive sounds. Not always too far away from contemporary fellow artists like Dolphins Into The Future, Innercity andPanabrite with whom she shares a certain ambience.

Originating from Antwerp, Belgium Eva Van Deuren grew up in a flourishing Belgian music scene. Releasing cassettes on numerous independent cassette labels Audiobot, Beniffer Editions and Sloow Tapes just to name a few. In the summer of 2007 she opened several shows for Sonic Youth (!). It was Thurston Moore who was very fond of her music. She released albums on Ultra Eczema and Blackest Rainbow.


Artwork by Johan and Hannah
High Gloss finishing
Edition of 500
Silkscreened Insert

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