Markus Holkko Eye of the Universe LP

Markus Holkko Eye of the Universe LP

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Recorded at Studio Pelto in Finland in May 2023, “Eye of the Universe” is the latest offering from Finnish sax player and composer Markus Holkko. Grounded in his musical heritage, the album explores a range of influences, from straight to Latin and spiritual jazz, with subtle hints of west coast cool and psychedelic.

Featuring a cadre of collaborators, including Juuso Rinta on double bass, Samuli Rautiainen on electric piano, and Teemu Mustonen on drums and percussion, the album captures a blend of organic instrumentation with nuanced textures. Later contributions from Teemu Åkerblom add depth with electric guitar effects and sitar, complemented by Holkko’s own producer touches, including analog synthesizers.

Holkko’s creative process for the album was shaped by his desire to return to his roots while embracing experimentation. In an interview, Holkko reflected on his intention to create a predominantly acoustic album, stating, “I wanted to make a record in a way that has this acoustic bottom and kind of very organic playing with real musicians, jazz kind of feel. But then I wanted to add some layers and layers and layers.” This juxtaposition of organic instrumentation with layered textures and colours serves as a defining characteristic of the album’s sound. While primarily instrumental, “Eye of the Universe” also features Holkko’s wordless vocals, adding subtle harmonies to selected tracks.

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