Isaiah Collier & The Chosen Few - The Almighty 2xLP
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Isaiah Collier & The Chosen Few - The Almighty 2xLP

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Isaiah Collier & The Chosen Few return with a new musical journey, "The Almighty". The first quartet offering since 2021's Cosmic Transition.

Collier's compositions and lyrics focus on using music to communicate deeper principles that are part of everyday. Isaiah showcases these principles through sounds that evolve within the titles: Love, Compassion, & Perspective. These principles once taken fully in are arranged to deliver the message that there is a Divine energy connecting through us all and is seen within all things.

The album opens up with LOVE, featuring the legendary Chicago vocalist Dee Alexander channeling her energy to deliver the message of love to the human family. With lyrics written by Collier specific to Alexander's qualities as a maternal figure to him and other musicians, the message remains strong within the music throughout the album. Searching deeper to share more sincerely through our interactions with others, is the albums objective. Collier & The Chosen Few showcase those Principle with Musicianship and an unyielding commitment to put their all into each breath of this episodic journey. The album features the legendary Saxophonist Ari Brown, who has mentored Isaiah for over a decade in their native Chicago. The conversation between student and master evolves on the song "Compassion". Collier's steps into the vocalist roll on the infectious, Perspective (Peace & Love) which serves as Collier's acknowledgement of Pharoah Sanders for his musical contributions, that features percussive sounds that connect the ancestors of the diaspora. Throughout "The Almighty" the group explores elements heard on 2021’s Cosmic Transitions and 2022’s Beyond by I AM (Isaiah Collier and Michael Shekwoaga Ode), and streamline the sound with laser focus in this incarnation.

This sound resonate the most in "The Duality Suite" a Four part movement that focuses in on the balance of polar opposites forming together to bring balance and harness the grace of understanding from different perspectives, with the movements of: +(Plus), -(Minus), Divine Masculine, and Divine Feminine. The Suite sways between fiery and peaceful sounds all molded together like all the elements of nature.

The Suite leads into a new layer of orchestration with the title track "The Almighty". Collier showcases his gifts on Saxophone as well as, conductor of a large ensemble known as, The Celestials. The sounds of nature are represented by with chimes and wind sounds, building up into a heart pounding overture. With Strings and brass joining Isaiah on this journey about resilience and dedication to reach divine levels with the Higher Source as the guiding light. The Almighty.

Isaiah Collier: Sax, Vocals, Auxiliary Percussion
Michael Shekwoaga Ode: Drums
Julian Davis Reid: Piano
Jeremiah Hunt: Bass

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