Enno Velthuys - Landscapes in Thin Air LP/7"
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Enno Velthuys - Landscapes in Thin Air LP/7"

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Landscapes In Thin Air is Enno’s third album and was initially released by Kubus Kassettes in 1985. When Rob Smit decided to stop his label activities shortly after publishing this cassette, Hessel Veldman published a second edition on his label EXART.

Compared to his second album, Glimpse of Light, it has a stronger presence of rhythm and a more melodic use of synths. These 10 cinematic sketches have a clean, caressed calmness about them and seem to depict a specific time and location. A light atmosphere, the sky warming up during sunrise, a sense of discomfort and finally, the city cooling down when night falls.

It’s hard to imagine Enno producing this majestic album by himself in his bedroom. All his trademark arrangements in place, framed by a tight controlled aesthetics and a strong metaphorical presence. Meticulously recreated from the original cassette masters, we are proud to reissue this ambient masterpiece.

500 copies on black vinyl. The 7"s comes with a wraparound sleeve. Included download card.

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