Borguefül - Horst LP
Borguefül - Horst LP
La République Des Granges

Borguefül - Horst LP

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Borguefül is a double bass and voice solo, imagined and composed by Mélanie Loisel. Borguefül is sensations, mountains, stones, rain, faults, wind, fluids, monsters, nights. Lots of land. Lots of dust.

It's a voice that sings, whispers, rattles, shouts, in a distant language, a revisited patois. It is a double bass with a raw sound, developing small melodic and rhythmic fragments, variations of timbre, textures, dirty vibrations, repetitions and breaks in frank motifs, without too much fuss.

Hear the relief of the spaces by the sounds rolled in the mouth, the strangeness, the accents, the dissonances, the attacks, the roundness. And then breath and silence. 

The language that unfolds there under the blows of the bows and the drones of the double bass, is that, harsh and persuasive, of a patois of Haute-Loire. The texts of these surly songs evoke sensations, mountains, rain, wind, faults, monsters. In this earthy landscape, powerful vibrations emerge, from which escape melodic fragments, rhythmic and percussive patterns.

Borguefül grabs and holds to the body. In these strange interstices between traditional song and contemporary music, Borguefül carries a raw and hoarse breath, marked by the exercise of free improvisation.

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