Sagat - Silver Lining 2xLP

Sagat - Silver Lining 2xLP

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Brussels’ based producer Sagat’s debut album ‘Silver Lining’ lands on Vlek Records.

Sagat takes us on a deep dive into a dense sonic universe: Its bass music viewed from multiple vantage points, an explorative zoom onto contemporary dance music’s broad ranging cadences, paradoxically viewed from a distance.

Silver lining bathes in cluttering rhythms that hover over corroded thumping grooves. Poly chrome synths emerge dramatically, interlocking with oddly timed techno syncopations. Yet all tracks are held together by firm, dubbed out beat repetitions and slabs of sub bass, not without a melodic sense of drama.
Sagat’s disintegrated sound-design stands in between musical dichotomies, at once spaced-out, disorienting and emotive, but also explorative, colourful and full of tension. Moving, yet statuesquely standing idle.

Silver Lining is an album longing for the dance-floor, but also about disconnection from it: A highly personal presentation of this producers’ singular take on bass oriented club music.

From our standing point we love to see how Sagat’s music keeps evolving, toying with contemporary club music’s specific tropes, unbound by its normativeness. Silver lining is an album rich in contrast that works for personal listening experience as well as for the adventurous DJ with one foot firmly on the dance-floor, the other somewhere way out there… 

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