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Éliane Radigue - Œuvres électroniques 14xCD BOX


Éliane Radigue - Œuvres électroniques 14xCD BOX


Esteemed French ambient composer Eliane Radigue is honoured with a mammoth set. Œuvres électroniques covers a good chunk of Radigue’s work in the second half of the 20th Century. Up until the year 2000 Radigue had spent thirty years exploring synthesiser composition, working largely with the ARP 2500. The pieces she made tend to shift slowly, with tones slipping slowly from aquatic gurgles to abrasive drones to eerie chords. They’re works that reward patience, and this bumper collection of her output allows the listener to get to know her work intimately.

16 hours of mind-bending pure drone incl. Chry-ptus, Ψ 847, Adnos, Les Chants de Milarepa, Jetsun Mila, Trilogie de la Mort etc.


1-1 Chry-ptus (Version 2001)
1-2 Geelriandre
2-1 Chry-ptus (Version 2006)
2-2 Biogenesis
2-3 Arthesis
3-1 Ψ 847 (Version Concert)
Adnos I-III
4-1 Adnos
5-1 Adnos II6-1 Adnos III
Les Chants de Milarepa
7-1 Mila’s Song In The Rain
7-2 Song Of The Path Guides
7-3 Elimination Of Desires
7-4 Symbols For Yogic Experience
8-1 Mila’s Journey Inspired By A Dream
Jetsun Mila
9-1 Jetsun Mila (Première Partie)
10-1 Jetsun Mila (Seconde Partie)
Trilogie de la Mort
11-1 Kyema
12-1 Kailasha
13-1 Koumé
L’Île Re-Sonante
14-1 L’Île Re-Sonante

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