Jabir - Vuelo Por Las Alturas De Alhambra LP
Jabir - Vuelo Por Las Alturas De Alhambra LP
Jabir - Vuelo Por Las Alturas De Alhambra LP
Discos Transgénero

Jabir - Vuelo Por Las Alturas De Alhambra LP

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Vuelo por las Alturas de Alhambra by Jabir was originally published in 1988 on Discos Esplendor Geométrico and it's a hidden gem in the catalogue of this influential Spanish label. The album unfolds a series of subtle and mesmerising compositions inspired by the legacy of Al-Andalus, the muslim Spanish civilisation. Both a polymath and erudite musician, Jabir decided to pay homage to the marriage of spirituality and science present in that bygone era. For that aim, he relied on a vast array of acoustic instruments (ney, violin, ud, bendir and daf), as well as on digital synthesizers and a complex system of computers able to generate aleatory melodies in Middle Eastern scales. 

Discos Transgénero is proud to make this extraordinary and highly sought masterpiece available again for the first time in more than three decades. The reissue has been carefully remastered from the original master tapes with the approval and supervision of his author and includes new liner notes and unreleased pictures. Vuelo por las Alturas de Alhambra is a recommended listening for those into the most narcotic side of Muslimgauze, the Dariush Dolat-Shahi's lps on Folkways, Jon Hassell's Fourth World explorations or even the recent work of contemporary Iranian experimentalists like Sote and Saba Alizadeh


A1 ¿Dónde Están Tus Almas Moras? 18:41
A2 Y En Los Jardines, Primavera 4:00
B1 Origen 11:13
B2 Desfile De Las Tropas Del Emir 2:12
B3 ...Y Los Espacios Vacíos 8:19


Edition of 400 copies
Mastered @ Dubplates & Mastering
Pressed @ Optimal Media (Berlin)

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